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K (Kovilambakkam)
XS Real - FairSquare
Pallavaram - Thoraipakkam 200' Radial Road View Map*
Kovilambakkam Junction on Pallavaram - Thoraipakkam Radial Road
Number of Units
Number of Blocks
Number of Floors
Stilt + 2
Sizes (Sqft)
958 (and combinations)
Rate per Sqft (Rs.)
2895 (limited period) **
Total Rate
(Rs., in Lakhs)
32.5 (approx.) **
Completion Date
Other details
Each of the 8 blocks contain a Studio apartment in the ground floor, which will be a common unit that can be let out, to cover the maintenance of that block, and hence this project claims to be "Free Maintenance for life".

FairSquare K
XS Real have spent at least 6 years in bringing compact, logical, functional and stylish homes for the smart buyer like you. Result is the birth of a new brand called FairSquare.

Now, FairSquare Smart Functional Homes are coming up in Kovilambakkam, known as FairSquare K.

FairSquare K offers elegant, beautifully designed 32 apartments of sizes 958 sq.ft each. Most importantly, this presents a unique opportunity to acquire a home built by XS Real Properties, a large, established corporate entity. High corporate values and complete integrity ensure that all dealings are free and fair.

* FairSquare K is located at Kovilambakkam, 400 meters off and on the right side of the 200 feet Thoraipakkam - Pallavaram Radial road, opposite to Rajparis IT Park near Keelkattalai Jn. in the southern parts of Chennai, within 5 kilometers of Velachery.
* It is 2.3 km from Pallikaranai Jn. along the 200 ft Radial Road.
* A stone's throw from the Velachery MRTS Station, it is well connected to the city centre.
* This area is a crucial hub for IT, Hospitality, Education and is well inhabited.

Click on the link below to have a view of the location map:
http://www.fairsquare.in/fsk/locmap.jpg [fairsquare.in]

What is on offer for you?
Four 2-Bedroom - two toilet Apartments, 958 sq.ft each, in a 2,400 sq.ft plot size is the central repeating pattern in FairSquare K, Kovilambakkam. There will be 8 such repetitive plots, totaling to 32 apartments in sequence as shown in the plan below:
http://www.fairsquare.in/fsk/siteplan.jpg [fairsquare.in]

All the plots open out to a neat 40 feet road, which flows unhindered from the 200 feet Thoraipakkam - Pallavaram Radial road.

Amenities & Specifications
Value for Money. This is what these specifications give you. Just have a look at them.
http://www.fairsquare.in/fsk/spec.html [fairsquare.in]

Floor Plan
Have a look at the floor plan link below to understand how these specifications are arranged..
http://www.fairsquare.in/fsk/floorplan.jpg [fairsquare.in]

Interested to know how would these bewitchingly beautiful FairSquare K apartments @ Kovilambakkam looks like? Click on the link below:
http://www.fairsquare.in/fsk/elev.jpg [fairsquare.in]

For more details contact..
97109 20999 / 90947 85215 / 98417 42001/ 97109 36891 / 95510 57181
Online Community
of Owners
Google Groups : NA
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Orkut Community : NA
Facebook Group : NA
No photos available.
* The location in the map, for this PlaceToLive.in, is approximate. If you know the exact location, kindly get in touch with us.
** Not Yet Verified by builder. Details..

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